Want something different from everyone?

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image from Converse,  http://www.converse.com/uk/en/landing-design-your-own

Do you like create your own unique converse sneakers? Or customizing your own flavor and design of Kit Kat chocolate in a special design box?

Customization is one of the biggest digital trends that companies are aiming at, because by allowing customers to create their own unique products according to their preferences and specific needs, it is more effective to elevate customer loyalty and engagement.

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image from http://stoppress.co.nz/news/mcdonalds-burger-story

One of the most common customize product offered would be Mcdonald’s ‘create your own’,which allows customers to customise their burgers via a digital touchscreen that offers a list of 20 ingredients. To be honest I create my own every single time when I bought a burger from Maccas just because I want more tomatoes but none of the pickles in my burger!

Because nowadays customers are looking for more varieties and options, McDonald’s spokesperson Kim Bartlett said that create your own is ‘more as an evolution’, ‘McDonald’s is innovating and changing again to meet the needs of our customers, customers will have more options than ever before.’

quote from Kim Bartlett, http://stoppress.co.nz/news/mcdonalds-burger-story

Providing product customization can help companies boost their sales on their websites, more importantly customization helps companies to differentiate their products from their competitors at this time when customers are comparing prices and quality of products with similar features on the Internet. When customers interact with the product, design their own and personalize them online, are far more likely to purchase them.

Here I’ve picked out some of the key points of benefits of customisation from Dan Ostroff‘s article:

  1. Free publicity – a cool customization option in the product line will allow your company to be a hot topic to discuss
  2. Higher prices – customers are willing to pay a higher price for customization product because it is unique and design by themselves
  3. Free market research – a company can better understand what the customers want and looking for from the customization products
  4. Stronger Online Presence – by offering customized products on the website, company gives consumers a reason to buy through its website, because the more internet users that visit the site, in return it gives a higher ranking on Google for related product searches
  5. Create greater customer loyalty – by giving customers what they want and desire when they want it, they’re more likely to stick with the brand, because the company has always been successfully satisfy their needs and wants

source from http://blog.doogma.com/product-customization-for-your-business/

If you are interested in customizing something, below are some products that I know is doing it!

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image from Nike

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image from Furla

image from Diana Banh

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image from Kikki.K


This post is to share a fun and useful fact with all of you!

image from Dean Morris Cards


Facebook is now making the comprehensive knowledge of its users available to employers looking to hire help. Only available in US and Canada at the moment, where hiring managers can contact potential employees.

Digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, also an essential tool for companies to communicate and reach out for consumers.

Even though Facebook released the platform for firms to attract employees and for consumers to look for jobs, are people gonna use it?

It is interesting to think about how much companies would be able to see on my Facebook profile, just photos and posts that I open publicly? Or all the pages I follow and like, music I listen to and my connections to others?

you can read more detail from Entrepreneur

Yes, consumers are now engaging more with digital and online tools, such as online shopping, asking for help online rather than calling up the company and wait for an hour for a respond, comparing prices of different products online etc. Because customers are abondoning the old traditional methods of shopping for example, many companies have opened up website and online shopping in order to chase up the fast-shifting pace of customers. If you do not have an online website for your company, and there are few competitors selling similar products as your company, consumers would have a big change of purchasing from those stores other than yours, just because consumers nowadays wanted things to be convenience and fast!

You, bring along your copy of resume, show up at an appointment time to meet with the hiring managers of the company, being asked questions by the managers, introduced yourself and basically talk about what you can do for the company, that is the traditional way of applying for a job. Companies choose to meet with the interviews because they want to see if he/she is appropriate, not only skills, education but also how your dress and how you look.

But when digital platforms are becoming a more common tools for consumers, Facebook’s new platform of hiring managers can choose to contact the potential employees may later become widely used. Because managers can have a glance about the employee’s profile and resume online before conducting an actual interview, which would reduce their time of interviewing employees one by one.



I think most of us would have at least one app from the image above on our phone, which one do you use the most?

And can you guess which app is most used nowadays?







YES! Facebook has been the most famous social network site as of January 2017, according to The Statistics Portal.

As digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into every day life and marketing plans, businesses discovered that social media networks are the new ways to connect with consumers, as well as gaining value in the form of time, attention and advocacy. Many of us do online shopping and browsing rather than going to physical shops, and in order to keep up the trend’s pace, it is essential for businesses to market their products and services using digital technologies. It is also important to note that products and services are now positioned, promoted, purchased, distributed and serviced on the Internet, according to Stoker, R. (2013)

Attracting and grabbing attentions from customers on social media have become a more common strategy for businesses and companies, to tackle how the internet has been constantly changing and how to best use digital tools for their customers.

But have you ever wondering why social media has become such powerful tools and can lead to a company’s failure or success?

606a7f1c85c1e8645a0d4632da420046.jpgimage from Pinterest

Social media really is a great tool that connect customers with the company. Facebook as one of the most used social media tool, often has pages created with thousands of people following that page, which in order words connects people together from all over the world just because they enjoy the same concept/idea/celebrity.

The other reason social media is essential to a company is because of the real-time comments and feedback a company get from it’s customers. Not only connecting the company to customers, but also let company knows what customers are thinking about it’s products. Because customers often express their love and hate through digital platform, company is able to keep track of customers respond in real time.

Go and watch the The Socialnomics 2017! It tells you lots of facts that you wouldn’t know about social media, such as  ↓

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