Ad blocking phenomenon on mobile

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source from GitRightStik

There is a whole list of things we do with our mobile, and most of us would have our mobile everywhere with us also because it is the most personal device we own. The fact that we keep our mobile with us anytime and anywhere, mobile then become an effective way for marketers and companies to reach us because messages sent to mobile devices have a high chance of being seen and accessed within a short time.

Mobile has a huge impact on businesses because it is so convenience then people can just look up anything on the Internet on their mobile. What consumers want from a business is the real-time, hyper-relevant experiences with meaningful of contextual information, suggested by Rachel and Noah.

Mobile marketing definitely is an effective way for business to reach out to its customers, however too much ads for us as consumers are annoying. In a survey conducted by AdBlock Plus, ads on mobile phone rated NUMBER 2 on a dislike scale, with online pop-up ads rated as the most dislike advertising.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.35.33 PM.pngsource: HubSpot Adblock Plus Research Study

Ad blocking apps have always been widely used on laptop and desktop, but this phenomenon of blocking ads is growing on mobile devices. It then become contradicting when more businesses and companies are trying to reach to a broader level of consumers with more ads created, while consumers are using ad blocking apps to block most of the ads. Note that the ad blocking trend is growing on mobile devices by Page Fair 2016 Mobile Adblocking Report.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.55.47 PM.png
source: Page Fair 2016 Mobile Adblocking Report

One of the reason that ad blocking trend is growing on mobile devices is related to the content of the ad. No one wants to watch a one minute long ad when the content is needless and “bad”. As we can see from the image below, 49% of the people agreed that they would like to filter out the really obnoxious ads, and 50% agreed that they would filter ads instead of blocking all the ads completely.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.09.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.10.00 PM.png
source:Page Fair 2016 Mobile Adblocking Report

I think the growing of ad blocking trend could be really challenging for marketers and businesses, because they would need to understand the reason behind the rejection of ads, of why consumers are pushing advertisements on mobile away. Besides, businesses and marketers should be aware of what content is presented in an ad, as the above statistics suggest that obnoxious, annoying and useless ads are those that consumers wanted to block out the most.Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.23.42 PM.png

Just an interesting fact: Google as one of the most popular search engines, is successful in a way that it ‘punish sites that use annoying pop-up ads’ according to Jacob Kastrenakes. When it says punish, it means that the website that uses pop-up ads have the possibility of being ranked lower in the Google’s ranking algorithm.


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