Do you shop more online or in-store?

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I think this is a really interesting question to ask ourselves, whether we shop more online or in shopping mall nowadays.

We know that the definition of marketing is constantly changing, and digital marketing is becoming significantly important for marketers and businesses. One of the reason that digital marketing has become so important is because of how consumers’ shopping habits changed over time. There are people like me, who don’t really shop in malls anymore, but doing online shopping or browsing online stores almost every night. But there are still people who love the feeling of walking in malls, being able to see and feel the products, or just love talking to in-store staffs!

image from Pinterest

Are you like me who prefer browsing and shopping online? Or do you still prefer shopping in malls?

It’s important to understand why there are people like me, that prefer doing everything online, because then marketers and businesses would have to change their marketing approach in order to align with different customers. According to Kristen Gramigna, online shopping comparatively requires lower effort than shopping in malls, but customer expectations remain on the same level.

Kristen suggests that online shopping provides:
1. customers a more variety of choice             (I agree)
2. transparency about inventory levels             (I agree)
3. the ability to research prices                           (I agree)
4. looking through customer reviews                 (I agree)
5. being offered promotional offers                     (I agree)

In order to be able to attract new consumers and at the same time hold on to current customers, businesses and marketers ‘needed to create a positive customer experience for consumers, by designing for the finger and making it easier for customer to browse via their mobile devices’, said IBM Online Retail Index. And I do think that this is essential for a company, because us, as consumers have been largely influenced by technology. The fact that hundreds of reviews came up when I search for this particular product online, so that I can really knowing the truth of this product but not only persuade by the word-of-mouth of in-store staffs.

Below is a video I found from Business Insider, talking about the shifts from malls to eCommerce and online channels.

Any thoughts pop up to your mind after watching this video?

I straight away thought of Chaddy, which they re-opened last year in October, with the largest Hoyts on level 4, a Lego World coming soon, fancy decorations and a variety of stores, which are the experimental attractions Emily Cohn talked about in the video, in order to bring more and more customers in.


3 thoughts on “Do you shop more online or in-store?

  1. Shopping for me is more likely a experience. The retail store always comes with other stores… it may have restaurant, movie theater and other complimentary facilities nearby. But the online shopping cannot have that so many things…


  2. Personally I love online shopping! Internet tells me the cheapest price and many other options. The down side is I often get wrong sizes and stuffs look different from the photo. Learning from experience, I don’t buy expensive stuff online.


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