I think most of us would have at least one app from the image above on our phone, which one do you use the most?

And can you guess which app is most used nowadays?







YES! Facebook has been the most famous social network site as of January 2017, according to The Statistics Portal.

As digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into every day life and marketing plans, businesses discovered that social media networks are the new ways to connect with consumers, as well as gaining value in the form of time, attention and advocacy. Many of us do online shopping and browsing rather than going to physical shops, and in order to keep up the trend’s pace, it is essential for businesses to market their products and services using digital technologies. It is also important to note that products and services are now positioned, promoted, purchased, distributed and serviced on the Internet, according to Stoker, R. (2013)

Attracting and grabbing attentions from customers on social media have become a more common strategy for businesses and companies, to tackle how the internet has been constantly changing and how to best use digital tools for their customers.

But have you ever wondering why social media has become such powerful tools and can lead to a company’s failure or success?

606a7f1c85c1e8645a0d4632da420046.jpgimage from Pinterest

Social media really is a great tool that connect customers with the company. Facebook as one of the most used social media tool, often has pages created with thousands of people following that page, which in order words connects people together from all over the world just because they enjoy the same concept/idea/celebrity.

The other reason social media is essential to a company is because of the real-time comments and feedback a company get from it’s customers. Not only connecting the company to customers, but also let company knows what customers are thinking about it’s products. Because customers often express their love and hate through digital platform, company is able to keep track of customers respond in real time.

Go and watch the The Socialnomics 2017! It tells you lots of facts that you wouldn’t know about social media, such as  ↓

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.25.22 PM.png


5 thoughts on “WHAT ARE THEY?

  1. Interesting facts! I’m not sure Facebook will still own the greatest population in five years tho, more people use Snapchat and intagram nowadays.


    1. I think the fact that people are using Instagram and Snapchat more often then Facebook, is because they can have more control of their friends selections, whereas on Facebook, lots of us often have 1000 friends but only know 500 of them, in that case it means that even people do not know you could access to your information and details on Facebook.


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